Handmade Beds and Vintage Quilts

5:02 PM Elizabeth 0 Comments

Let's take just a second here to soak in the glorious fact that the car-bed is out of my house and our lives forever. Yes, the new baby on the way has forced us to upgrade BigE's bed so that the crib mattress can be put back into the crib. Bye bye, super ugly, bulky, cheap car-bed....on to bigger and better bed options! I knew I wanted to build Eli's bed because I refuse to pay what they charge for solid wood these days. I also knew I wanted something simple and sturdy because this thing is going to see some wear. Also, I didn't want anything too fancy because it would really go with the theme that will eventually be in his room.

I am shamelessly thrilled to brag that I did this for less than 100 bucks. WAY less. It also would have taken about one day to complete if my sander hadn't crapped out on me. Also, factor in that I am 4 months prego and haven't built in months....if you have basic woodworking skills, you can do this in less than one day. I am sure.

I didn't take any progress pictures for this build. It's pretty straight forward if you have had some practice joining. I used my trusty KregJig. If I had planned it better I would have angled out the trim on the headboard and footboard at 45 degree cuts. It turned out very noticeably two-toned, which was not my intention. I usually use a much darker stain, and you can't ever tell that I'm using two different wood types. However, it was super obvious with this stain and the wood I used. But overall I am thrilled with this bed and so is BigE.

I struggled finding a good selection of twin size comforters anywhere, but not to worry. A vintage, twin size quilt will do just fine (even better really).

All of the effort is really just for moments like this :)