DVD Storage

3:16 PM Elizabeth 3 Comments

I am absolutely in love with our new DVD wall. We had to clear a closet to make room for our expanding family. Now the coat closet in the living room is actually a coat closet and no longer home to our DVD collection. I haven't decided yet if I am proud or ashamed of how many DVDs we own, but it looks awesome either way!

We used shelf brackets from Home Depot, and we used 1x8 wood planks instead of buying the cheap shelves they have in that section of the store.

This was a pretty easy project. The most tedious part is staining the wood, but I always feel that way
about any project.


  1. This is perfect. Where did you get the planks from?

  2. Would love to see the prices you spent for supplies!

  3. Looks nice! Did you screw the planks into the shelf supports?