About Me

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First of all, welcome to my blog. I am so happy to have you! Here you will read about my projects, interests, and some tricks to help with your own endeavours. I promise to keep it real with you guys as I, a newbie, continue to learn one headache at a time. But let me tell you a bit about myself before I get into all that. My name is Elizabeth. I first define myself as a very fortunate mother and a wife. My son, Big E, and my husband, Hayden, are the center of my crazy universe. The apple did not fall far from the tree when it comes to these two. They are loud, stubborn boys who take their chowtime very seriously above all things. They are also two of the most kindhearted creatures I have ever known. I am a very lucky lady. Even luckier now that we have another little man on the way! 
As most mothers do I started telling you about my family when I was supposed to be introducing myself. Let me try again…I am a 23 year old 3rd grade teacher in the Lone Star State. I thrive on the weekends when I can actually enjoy working on projects around the house. Aside from woodworking I have two pretty serious interests, and that is food and being outside. It's likely that I will soon have a page dedicated to food and one for the outdoors...the relationship is that serious.